Mezcal and Tequila Tasting at Mexico City


Join me for a unique & 100% authentically Mexican experience that goes beyond a simple tasting!


In my experience and previous travels, my best moments involved a bottle of alcohol shared among friends in a casual setting.  This why I’m offering to recreate this kind of moment during your trip.


I open the doors of my home and my personal cellar to share with you my favorite tequilas & mezcals – top-shelf products made with love by independent producers from the states of Jalisco and Oaxaca.  Three tequilas & five mezcals (Mexicanito, Tobala, Cuishe, Salmiana and Espadin) - all from family-owned independent small producers. Spirits.


I´ll introduce you to the history of both spirits, their respective making process and show you how to best appreciate them.  Tastings will be generous and will include five mezcals and at least three tequilas. (one ounce of each expression).


I guarantee you will leave Mexico City with a lasting memory of your time spent here and of course, with a love and appreciation for the spirits and the culture behind it.


Other things to note:

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With Covid is dragging on longer than expected and confined at home, I had the idea of creating this experience to make by my own. And I think I can offer no  better place to make it than in my hometown. And the experience will be in my home.  Why?  Because I love receiving people and sharing my space (mi casa es tu casa as they say).  Also, I live next to the historic center close to major attractions which can serve as a starting point for your adventures.  Just two blocks from Reforma Avenue and right next to an historical site, the San Fernando Cementary, one of the oldest in the city (1832 - 1872) - the exact location will be shared upon reserving.


**Please note transportation is not included for this experience and guests will have to arrange their own**. 


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