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Our system will send you a reminder 72 hours before the tour; this is done automatically and is meant for those who reserve with great anticipation.


In case of already having provided your hotel information, you may disregard the message, if you have not yet provided said information, kindly do so at your earliest convenience.


Please note that we have different rates for children and youths and minors of age are under the responsibility and care of their parents or guardian. However, the Horseback Riding Tours are reserved for adults only.


If you do not see an experience listed at the time you'd like: please contact us. 


Who would have thought the COVID pandemic would have extended over a year, not only in Mexico but worldwide.  And yet here we are. 


For this reason and because we care for your health and well-being, we have decided to temporarily store our vans.  Instead, we will exclusively use our three Sedan vehicles to conduct the tours and limit the number of travelers to 2 persons.   

As such, you can travel in all comfort and peace of mind with your significant other, friend or someone else. 

You can also decide at which time you wish to start your tour, it can be at 9:30, 10 or 10:30.  Just make sure you choose the correct time when completing your reservation. 

 Travelling 3 people and more together? No worries, we’ll take out one of the vans and designate it to your party. 


Welcome onboard! 


It’s important to read the terms and conditions section before you book any of our Tequila tour versions