To confirm a reservation, either a deposit or the upfront payment of the full amount is required, the amount will vary on the type of tour:


Original Tequila Tour (Small Group) : 20% deposit

Private Tour & Horseback Riding Tours : 50% deposit

Large Group Tour & Mexico City Experiences : Payment of the full amount


The balance is payable the same day of the tour; either in USD or in Mexican pesos (in which case the amount will be calculated at the exchange rate of the day).  


**If you have a promotion code, please enter it first in the designated section below.**


Once your reservation is complete, the system will automatically send you a confirmation message to the same email you captured. We suggest that you review your spam inbox to make sure the confirmation goes through.




The deposit is per person, not per group, and is not transferable to another party.  

Therefore, each person who participates in the tour owes his/her personal remaining balance.  

NO BLACK OUT DATES: Our tequila Tours are available all around the year.  

We recommend reserving in advance for weekends and special Holidays. 


It’s important to read the terms and conditions section before you book any of our Tequila tour versions