Terms and Conditions





Seat reservations are subject to availability and confirmed after the payment and is a non-refundable payment.





The modes of payment are the following:


Cash - we accept Mexican pesos as well as USD.  Kindly note that the exchange rate applicable for Mexican pesos is the one in effect on the day of the transaction.


Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).





There are no refunds except for cancellation of the Tour by the Operator.  In case of a client cancellation the payment is non-refundable.






Prices do include entrance fee to distilleries, museums, archaeological sites or attractions (unless specified).





The tour starts and ends at the hotel or place of stay of each participant/party - literally door to door.  By default, the pick up area is limited to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.


However, the pick up zone is extended in the following situations:


For a group tour of 4-5 people or more, the tour can start in Guadalajara, Chapala, Ajijic or Tequila.


For a private tour of 2-3 people or more, the tour can start in Guadalajara, Chapala, Ajijic or Tequila.


And course! It can also start from the airport if those minimum requirements are met. 


Families travelling with children are welcome! We will dedicate a private transportation unit for your party.





While it is our intention to operate the Tour as advertised, regrettably on certain days and times, public buildings or museums may be unexpectedly closed (with no previous notice). When this occurs, route changes and substitutions will be arranged where possible. 


We reserve the right to cancel with prior notice any Tour should the comfort and security of our clients be put at risk in any way (ie: road blocks, strikes, bad weather conditions...).





Luggage or personal effects are carried entirely at owner's risk.  TEQUILA TOUR is not liable for any loss, damage nor theft of luggage or personal effects.  We strongly suggest that upon concluding the tour, participants ensure they have all their belongings and purchases in their possession.


 It is very important that you verify that you have all of your belongings with you at the time of drop-off (including but not limited to wallet, telephone, keys, souvenirs, bottles and sunglasses. If you have forgotten an item I the vehicle, the only option will be for you to recuperate it on the next business day at our offices. 




We must also decline all responsibility for any losses, inconvenience or expense caused to clients by delays, strikes, or weather conditions. 


The tour duration is approximate: Guadalajara being Mexico’s second largest city, traffic conditions can prove heavy upon returning and therefore are out of our control.  Specific time constraints or obligations should be considered and evaluated by the participants as the tour will not responsible for the loss of reservations/plane tickets.





Our team may take pictures or video of the passengers, and of the atmosphere while traveling with TEQUILA TOUR which may be used for promotional purposes.  Should you wish not to be featured in the photos and/or videos, kindly advise the guide.




While we encourage friendship between travelers and our guides, they are not authorized to offer any extracurricular tour or activity. Should this happen, we kindly request that you bring the matter to our attention. Tequila Tour by Mickey Marentes will not be held responsible for any activity held outside the tour, even if our employees are present during such. We thank you for your comprehension.