Will the Tour be offered in English on the day that I choose?


Yes, the tour is always available in English or Spanish.  There is no necessity to advise us beforehand, unless you wish to have the tour done in Spanish which are subject to availability.


What happens if my group is mixed (English and Spanish Speakers)?


No worries, the explanation will be done simultaneously in both languages.


At what time does the Tour start?  And what time does it finish?


The Tour starts at 09:00 am and usually finishes at 5:00 pm in Tequila, which entails that we are back in Guadalajara around 6:30 pm (depending on traffic conditions).


**If you reserve the small group version of the Tour (Original Tequila Tour) and there are various parties to be picked up at different locations, we usually start the pickup route in the center of Guadalajara and make our way to the exit of the city in an effort to be efficient and have everyone wait the less time possible.  Once we have all hotel locations for our clients, we will reconfirm the pickup time by email as soon as possible.**


The times are approximate; Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city with a population nearing 7 million people, therefore traffic can be difficult at rush hour and times may be longer.


What is the pickup zone covered?


We offer in all our regular tours the pickup and drop off at any Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque-area hotel. Pick up and drop off is available from a different location (ie: Tequila, Ajijic or Chapala) however is subject to an additional fee


If your hotel has various locations, please indicate in which exact one you will be hosted. This will avoid any confusion and delays at the time of pick up.  


If the tour and hotel reservations were made under different names, please advise us. This will facilitate your localization on the day of the tour. 


In which type of car is the transportation done?


Depending on the number of participants, the transportation is either in a 4 passengers car, a 6 passengers van or a 13 passengers van.  To see pictures, you may consult the "Our Vehicles" Section and scroll down below the biography.


If I live in the Guadalajara Area, can I take my car and join the rest of the group?


We strongly advise against it because alcohol consumption is involved and it may put your safety and that of the other passengers in danger.  The option we always offer is to leave your car in the nearest parking lot from our office. 



What is the tour size?  How many people will be travelling with me on the day I made my reservation?


We advertise our tour as smaller groups with a number of participants varying between 4 to 12 people; this considering that the average commercial tours have a capacity of up to 40 people.


Please be aware that on certain peak dates, the tour can reach its full cup and that you may be travelling with 11 other persons.


If you wish to be guaranteed to travel only with your party, you will need to book the Private Tour.


What are the advantages of booking the Private Tour?


The Private tour is a preferred option for those who seek to travel exclusively with members of their own party and enjoy more flexibility throughout the day.  


The departure time can be set to your liking at 9:00 am, 9:30 am or 9:45 am.  You will be picked up directly from your place of stay and will head straight to Tequila without having to wait for other participants to be picked up.



Is the lunch included in the price?


Yes, the lunch is included.  It is traditional food from the region of Jalisco served in the food market in Tequila. In Mexico, as per local customs, lunch hour is normally between 3 and 5 pm, From our experience travelling to various countries around the world, we know many eat much earlier than this. IF you feel the “Mexican time” does not work for you, please let your guide know and we´ll happily adjust as much as possible.  


How much do to the tours costs?  Are prices listed in USD or Mexican Pesos?


The Original Tequila Tour(small group version) has a cost of $175 USD per person. 


The prices for the other tours are shown in the corresponding sections and also in the "Book your Selected Tour Section".  All prices listed on our page are in USD and per person.



How can I make a reservation?


You can make a reservation by clicking on the “Book your Selected Tour” Section, the system will guide you through the steps. Upon completing your reservation, the system will send you a confirmation message with further details and information.


I want to make a reservation for tomorrow and the system won’t let me, why is this?


In order to prevent overbookings, our reservation system only displays availability starting two days after today’s date, however:   


Should you wish to make a reservation for the next day, kindly contact us directly– either through email or by telephone before 7:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time).



Quantity of alcohol permitted through international customs.


We strongly suggest you review the custom legislation of your country of residence to know with certainty how much alcohol you are allowed to bring back. It is the responsibility of the traveler to confirm such fact.