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All our tours are led by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and bilingual Mexican guides.

Join us and share our knowledge and passion for Mexico’s iconic drink! 

  Leave the lime and salt for beginners, taste organic, traditional & artisanal tequilas! 

Annie Dawson

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The tequila tour by Mickey Marentes is an authentic appreciation and unique professional tasting tour

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Custom Tour Experiences, Valley of Tequila Four Day Experience, Tequila Higlands day tour, Mezcal and Raicilla Tours. 

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Suivez le tour dans votre langue! Tous les samedi et dimanche, le tour est offert en français (la réservation doit être faite avec anticipation). Sujet à disponibilité.

Tequila is produced exclusively in Mexico, and many of the best examples never make it across the border.

 We provides the first – and only – opportunity for travelers to explore Tequila and Tequilas with ease.

Edgar Mancilla 

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Salvador Villalobos

 Tour guide Guachimontones & Tequila. 


Melissa Arellano

 Tour guide Tequila. 


Rocio Medina

 Tour guide Tequila. 


Enjoy a true tequila experience

and celebrate with us 10 years sharing the tequila culture since July 2010