Raicilla Tres Gallos

¿What is Raicilla? 


Raicilla is a traditional beverage with about 300 years of history and a protected Denomination of Origin. Its aroma and flavor are derived from the species of agave and characterized by the soil, topography, climate, water, producer ("Maestro Raicillero"), yeasts, and other factors. 



According to the process used, three categories  are obtained: 


Raicilla, Artisanal and Ancestral. 





Raicilla is distilled in primitive stills from a fermented mash made from the central stem (piña) of the maguey plant.


The mash is slow-cooked, and the steam condensed on a copper cone cooled, traditionally, by spring water. To make a liter of Raicilla takes 10 kg of agave. Many different species of agaves are used to produce Raicilla, including Agave angustifolia ("Chico Aguiar" or "Yellow"), Agave maximiliana, Agave inaequidens and Agave rhodacantha.